1. What is Multiply and how does it work?
Multiply is a platform dedicated to empowering consumers by allowing them to share their honest experiences about various products and services. Users can write reviews to make informed decisions and post their own feedback to help others.
2. How can I write a review on Multiply?
To write a review, simply navigate to the page of the business or product you want to review and click 'Write a Review'. Fill in your review details and rate the experience to help others understand your perspective. Remember, your honesty helps the community!
3. Can I edit or delete my review after posting it?
Yes, you can edit or delete your review after posting. Go to your profile, find the review you wish to modify, and select the option to edit or delete it. Please note that changes are immediate and affect all future readers of your review.
4. How does Multiply ensure the quality of reviews?
Multiply employs a series of moderation tools and community guidelines to ensure reviews are genuine and helpful. Reviews may undergo moderation to verify content and compliance with our posting rules.
5. Are there guidelines for posting a review?
Yes, we encourage all users to adhere to our review guidelines which promote respectful and informative content. Avoid profanity, personal attacks, and ensure your feedback is truthful and based on genuine experiences.
6. How are reviews verified?
Reviews may be verified through a confirmation process where users may be asked to provide additional evidence of their experience or purchase. This helps maintain trustworthy and accurate content on Multiply.